About Us

The American Pride fund stands as a testament to the expertise and leadership of the minds behind Alcova Mortgage and Creative Financial Solutions. Drawing from Alcova Mortgage’s formidable 20-year legacy in the residential mortgage sector, with an impressive average of $2.1 billion in recent years, this fund embodies a culmination of their success.

Creative Financial Solutions emerged as a sister company to Alcova Mortgage, strategically designed to bolster real estate sales for Alcova Mortgage Loan Officers and their esteemed network of real estate agents.

What is the committed duration for funds?

Funds are committed for an initial period of two years, followed by automatic renewals on a yearly basis. Our targeted rate of return stands at 8%, with an ambition to reach or surpass 9%.

What circumstances might prevent meeting the preferred rate?

This fund operates with a strategy aimed at leveraging volume to mitigate risk, focusing on lower loan amounts within suburban areas. Potential factors that could affect the fund’s performance include scenarios like a builder failing to complete a renovation or experiencing delays in finishing the renovation within the anticipated timeframe.

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Why Invest?

Seasoned Operators

Creative Financing Solutions (CFS, cfsgo.com) boasts an extensive 85-year tenure within the residential real estate domain. In the year 2023 alone, the company facilitated funding amounting to $50,000,000. Notably, the average loan size stands impressively at $215,000, demonstrating a track record of managing diverse financial portfolios within the real estate sector.

Immediate Investment

Invested funds are swiftly deployed into action. Currently, Creative Financial Solutions operates with three warehouse lines, all operating at maximum capacity. Your invested funds will seamlessly take the place of these warehouse lines, optimizing the allocation and utilization of resources.

Housing Shortage

The last 3 years have caused a housing shortage in America.  Rehab loans are highly sought after by local builders, as it allows a quicker turn time compared to building from ground up.